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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 - Qualities to Wish For!

First posting of 2009, and its so cliche to be posting my resolutions for the coming year(s). Though there is a twist to it, they're not new year resolutions but more than that. They're my envy list of the qualities I wish I had. Without further adieu:

1. Dedication to Work - My work pays for my bills (religious beliefs aside for a moment, and even with them there is a need to "earn" one's livelihood). Yet sometimes I get the feeling I'm not as dedicated as I should be, and with some bright examples of individuals who're always a few minutes early to office, complete all their work and then every now and then even respond to queries off hours.
2. Hours of Sleep - a 24 hour day is just too small if one spends 10 hours in bed and getting ready. Ten is probably the time I take in terms of sleeping, getting ready for work and then before getting to sleep. I wish I was one of those individuals who could sleep 5 hours and get ready in 30 mins (including a breakfast on the go).
3. Memory - I hate having to dig up my notes just to confirm what was exactly said in a meeting three months back. If only I could have a photographic memory spanning multiple months (or years as a special bonus).
4. Fair - In management, decisions are made on a daily basis that impact the lives and quality of life of others. It may be a small decision for a manager to take, but a huge one for the employee. I hope my decisions to date have been just and fair, and the ones I make in the future are even more rational along with being just and fair.
5. Communication - The ability to communicate clearly is never really achieved. Theres always room for improvement. And in my case, along with a sizeable portion of individuals, we have a long long way to go.
6. Health - must not end up in the ER with a heart attack! Should run 5K twice a week! Wishful thinking on my part.


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