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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Movie - Idiocracy

One movie to watch if you're interested to know how the current presidency and PM's cabinet work in Pakistan under Zardari and Gillani, check out: Idiocracy

Maybe its all just a bad dream and I'll wake up to find that Pakistan is being run by smart, honest and intelligent individuals.
Anyhow, it brings goosebumps to my neck to even think about an organization being run by such folks (see the movie on the makeup of the cabinet), and to try to take this in a more positive way, how to ensure that only the talented and deserving are promoted to take on leadership roles. Are there tell tale signs of smooth talkers who take credits of others and are the perfect examples of parasites? If so, I'm all ears!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bad hair doesnt make for a genius

The Western world is not the only one with short sighted executives running their major financial institutes into the ground. We here in Pakistan, all too foolishly assume anyone with a Citi Group, IMF or WorldBank experience is a genius capable of converting a third world country like ours into an Asian Tiger (ok, that phrase is so 90's).

Our very own Shaukat Aziz proved how corporate bankers make for lousy economist and country development strategist. Under Shaukat Aziz, the country was converted into a credit junkey nation that was driven by consumerism. Hmm, wonder why he pushed the country there ....wait a minute, wasn't he posted in nyc and assumed the cause for the great US economy to be its symptoms. Its like extrapolating from Einstin pictures that anyone with crazy hair is a genios, and enforcing all men to have crazy hair!

So to stop myself from getting back into memory lane and mentioning all that I believe to have been wronged by incompetence in the political arena here, let me get to the reason why I'm posting today.
I got a call from my credit card bank ie Askari Bank, to take out a loan on low interest rate! What?? The global economy is crashing, ours probably crashed eons ago ...and a bank wants to offer me money with no collateral! Too bad I cannot short their stocks as the genius's in Pakistan's Karachi Stock Exchange thought it best to shut the house down indefinitely through the use of floors. Must be "genius" season world-wide!