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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Independence Day

Every year there are Independence day celebrations on 14th of August. On this day in 1947 Pakistan came into being. The British colonizer's left, though without French support :)
So here we are again, driving through the same memory lane of naustalgia and how the Nation has progressed. This year too, like all others, we will have TV shows that will emphasize the positives and gloss out the negatives of the past 60+ years.
This year I plan on spending the Independence day reading through current affairs book. But in terms of reflection, here are my thoughts on how Pakistan would be graded if it were being audited by management consultants:
  1. Mismanagement - we probably wrote the book on how not to manage a nation. Ok, a little harsh there, I think there are a couple of other countries out there who have out done us eg Somalia, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Zimbabwe etc. But still, we're in that list. The army has constantly misunderstood its role, the politicians have acted on short term selfish motives, and the society as a whole has played into religious/patriotic themes by those who pledge allegiance only to themselves or their "tribes".
  2. Institution infighting - a nation consists of three pillars ie judiciary, executive and legislative. In our case, we somehow managed to get the army in there as well. And then, somehow all institutions/pillars managed to abdicate their core responsibilities while trying to take on the responsibilities of other institutions.
  3. Organizational misalignment - A good executive knows which knobs to twist and which ones to leave alone. A smooth running organization needs all its business units to be aligned correctly and running towards the stated organizational goals. And every so many months, everyones progress needs to be reviewed and the organizational goals updated as a consequence. I do not believe we've ever had a government thats understood this. Unfortunately most heads of the "business units" ie ministries, are incompetent and have generally been elected by an uneducated lot who quickly forget how history repeats itself (thats to be expected for a country with a high illiteracy rate)
Its easy to give opinion and a "charge sheet" while sitting on the sidelines, but nonetheless constructive criticism is always good. Now the million dollar question being how to bring about good governance principles into practice when none exist. Comments anyone?


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