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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Here's to celebrating my first Linux anniversary, specifically Ubuntu. As you've probably guessed, I have a technical background, but I'm no Unix geek. So its been a painful move. And to be honest, I STILL find it painful!
So why did I move, you ask? Here is why:

  1. Hate viruses! They cause major headaches, unexpected downtimes and sometimes even loss of data
  2. Want reliability. Yes, Windows is far from being rock solid. And was Vista Microsoft's Halloween gift?
  3. Need to take the path less taken. Its a good geeky conversation starter
  4. Been there, done that

And here is how its turned out:

  1. Yep, viruses are a thing of the past. Well are most of the standard apps too. Gotten used to openoffice, and other tools. Disclaimer - I still have windows hidden away in my virtual instance of VMWare.
  2. Neither is desktop Linux. I was looking for 1 year uptimes, or at maximum rebooting once a month. My laptop crashes (mostly coming back from suspend) every other day.
  3. Yep - its definitely the path less taken. Although I dont recall it ever being a conversation starter (like I said, I'm no Unix geek!)
  4. Havent come across too many people with Linux on their laptops!
So in conclusion ....I'm looking to switch to Macbook Pro. I'll get one when my company hits the jackpot or if my friends reading this blog feel like being generous!


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