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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Good Doctors, Bad Doctors ....

I'm told that the 'coats' never do bad. White coats (Doctors) and Black coats (Lawyers) always do well (Financially speaking). The fact is that you are generally helpless when you reach their office. A bad doctor knows how to corner and skim you.
Let me give some specifics here on some DR's in Lahore:

1. Dr Jahan Ara - She's a gyne who probably flunked her way through med school. My wife went to her with severe stomach ache (by severe, i mean severe!). She had classic symptoms of appendix, ie difficulty in sitting up, pain coming from the lower abdominal region etc. And guess what her diagnosis was - upset stomach; take a pain killer! I had to go to emergency 3 hours later and had the operation done! I called her up to tell her who screwed up her diagnosis was but she just responded in a cool manner to say i should go ahead with the op ....

2. Dr Talat Sha - She wasnt a bad doctor per se, but she would have failed USMLE part III hands down! She would not give us more than 5 mins, and if you're wondering ..i was paying good money! As a result of her lack of attention, I had to suffer typhoid for an addition 3 weeks, because she prescribed the wrong antibiotic and i could never reach her back to tell her that it didnt feel right ....

My advise on how to figure out if a doctors worth sticking to if he/she:
1. Gives you appropriate time
2. Discusses the situation in a calm manner - without rushing!
3. Gives you their contact number for emergency contact

If you feel uncomfortable while talking to a doctor, my advise is to pick another one. There is no shortage of doctors, and unfortunately this country's got way too many bad doctor's who have become famous. I'd much rather go under the knife of a good yet unknown doctor than that of a famous but horrible doctor (read butcher).
**My apologies if me naming the doctors causes you any pain - but i'd much rather save a poor soul out there some misery!


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