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Monday, September 12, 2005

public sector - getting work done

Bad phone line story:
My parents house in islamabad (where i am currently crashing in), had a bad line ie lots of static. I called PTCL (Pakistan Telecom Corp Ltd) and got a case created through their automated system. A week went by, and NO response. Called up again, and this time asked for the operator - told him about the problem. A day later I get a call by a lineman who asks if there is a problem, and i confirm there is. He says that he'll swing by, but no one shows up.
Time for escalating ..... I call up PTCL complaint number again, get the operator and then ASK for the number of the exchange handling my area. I dial that number and first thing i ask is for his name and then explain my problem. The lineman shows up within 1 hour!
disclaimer: i had some issue about a month back and i tipped the lineman 1.8 USD or 100Pak RS - my brother was fairly angry at me tipping as he thought it might mess with the working ethics for public sector employees. Anyway, now the lineman has given me his personal cell phone number (and refused to accept 50 RS or around 1 USD this time and said i shouldnt tip him each time i register a complaint) :)
I will be going to lahore soon, and will need a DSL connection at home ie requires a crisp clear phone line(for work from home purposes). Hoping my experience there is good .....


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