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Monday, February 21, 2005

news update

lots happened since i last blogged. This includes: brother getting married, trip back home and completion of masters.
Ahh - life couldnt be better ....hmm, wait a minute. It can! Anyway, this year is going to be pivotal in my life. Have to decide to go back home for good or not. But that decision will mainly be based on a good opportunity rather than mere homesickness.
Yesterday, i returned from a trip to CA last week. It was just soo soothing, except the return part. I messed up my return time, thinking it was 11:50 am rather than its scheduled 1:15 pm. The speeding violations from san jose to san francisco were bad ...but helped me reach the airport in a record time (50 mins taking into account return of rental car). It was a bummer to find out my traffic zig zagging, speeding and high speed turns were for no good reason.
All in all, i look forward to another trip to CA (have one in 2 weeks, but will probably not be able to get out to meet friends due to the hectic schedule :( ).


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